Brent Kessel

Brent Kessel

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Brent Kessel is the Founder and CEO of Abacus Wealth Partners. He is a specialized impact advisor. As such, he helps his clients define their most important values and desired social outcomes, and then maps those values to available investments across all-cause areas, geographies, and asset classes, thereby increasing the effectiveness and alignment of their philanthropic grants and impact investments.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Brent Kessel began investing in his own small account for social and environmental impact in 1993.
  • His family’s personal investments and philanthropy are particularly focused on climate change, gender and racial justice, animal welfare, and poverty alleviation. 
  • He is evaluating how to reduce his family’s consumption creep and channel their surplus towards those in need with maximum effectiveness.
  • FastCompany named Kessel one of the five most generous people on Wall Street.
  • His book, It's Not About The Money, was named one of Kiplinger's Top Five Business books of the Year