Bob Froehlich

Bob Froehlich

Formal First Name
Robert (Bob)
4/28/1953 - present

Bob Froehlich is a recognized expert on global financial markets, global economies, currencies, and global demographic trends. He has a distinguished professional career combining experience in both the public and private sectors. He brings over 40 years of Wall Street experience where he chaired investment committees for multiple global asset management organizations. Froehlich provided a voice to financial advisors and individual investors on the markets and the economy. He has delivered investment speeches spanning 107 different countries.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Froehlich began his career in the public sector, as the Chief Financial Officer for a utility and as a City Manager for Beavercreek.
  • He was one of the youngest city managers ever in the state of Ohio. 
  • He has Wall Street and Main Street experience.
  • He was named to three different All American Institutional Research Teams.
  • His financial services industry knowledge regarding retail investor's behavior and motivation is unparalleled.
  • His unique insight and perspective were developed by visiting over 5,000 retail brokerage offices and having met with over 100,000 financial advisors.
  • Since his retirement, he has begun a new chapter in his professional career by building a portfolio of boards spanning private, public, mutual fund, and not-for-profit companies.


  • Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President, and Owner of Kane County Cougars Baseball Club
  • Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of American Sports Enterprise
  • Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of KC Concessions
  • Chairman of Kane County Cougars Baseball Foundation
  • Board of Directors of Galen Robotics
  • Board of Directors of Vault Data
  • Board of Directors of Nexpoint Capital
  • Board of Trustees of Highland Capital Mutual Funds
  • Program Co-Chair and Moderator of the G.A.M.E Forum at Quinnipiac University