Zero Knowledge Consulting

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Zero Knowledge Consulting aims to help companies adapt to the impact of blockchain technology on the future of financial services, communications, and more. The firm provides expert advice on strategy, business models, and all things payments and stablecoin in the blockchain space.


  • Business Model Transformation: Avoiding disruption by embracing change, or becoming the disruption by bringing changes through technology

  • Stablecoins: Design, implementation, and utilization of the next form of money through the power of blockchain

  • Risk Management: Understanding, managing, and controlling risks in crypto trading and product design / implementation

  • Real World Assets: Helping to chart a path to bring assets from the world of traditional finance on-chain

  • Payments: Moving money from place to place, using blockchains and crypto native methods of exchange, as well as integration back to traditional financial systems

  • Education: Bringing knowledge to senior executives, teams building on blockchains, and organizations so that they are armed to confront the future