ZenAcademy provides access to an educational platform for learning about NFTs, including alpha on NFTs and cryptocurrency. The platform presents a welcoming space for anyone, anywhere, at any level to learn about NFTs and Web3. ZenAcademy fosters a strong community built around shared learning and collaboration. They emphasize a grounded and critical approach to Web3, encouraging users to avoid the hype and prioritize understanding  the underlying technology and its implications.


  • Trusted Sources. Gain knowledge from Zeneca, a prominent figure in the Web3 space, and other experienced contributors.

  • Stay Up-to-Date. Access timely information and insights on the ever-evolving Web3 landscape.

  • Connect with Others. Build relationships with like-minded individuals within the Web3 community.

  • Make Informed Decisions. Gain the knowledge and confidence to navigate the Web3 space wisely.



  • Courses. In-depth, structured learning experiences covering specific Web3 topics like NFT investing, building in the metaverse, and navigating on-chain tools.

  • Articles & Newsletters. Regularly published content covering current events, analysis, and insights into the Web3 landscape.

  • Live Sessions & Podcasts. Interactive events and interviews with industry experts and thought leaders.


  • Discord Server. A central hub for members to connect, discuss, and ask questions.

  • Social Media. Active presence on Twitter and YouTube for sharing information and updates.

  • Exclusive Benefits. Holders of ZenAcademy Genesis Letters and 333 Club NFTs gain access to private channels, events, and early access to content.


  • Holders have lifetime membership to ZenAcademy and the Discord server, and get access to perks, such as giveaways, promotions, deals, or discounts through ZenAcademy.

  • Holders get free access to Zeneca’s courses on Nas Academy, including “How to Launch a Successful NFT Project”, worth USD 399, and a number of yet-to-be-released courses.

  • Higher tier membership available through the 333 Club, which grants members more access to Zeneca, and the ability to book 1:1 meetings.