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Roy Bhasin

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Roy Bhasin, more commonly known in the NFT community as Zeneca, is a veteran NFT analyst, investor and consultant who has become a legend in the crypto world. Zeneca is the Founder of ZenAcademy, a space designed to be a helpful community to learn about Web3 and NFTs. A former professional poker player turned NFT investor, he has been at the forefront of the NFT space since the beginning of 2021 as the craze was just starting to build. He is a top expert in launching NFT projects, analyzing collections, making smart investments, and has founded and advised many projects within the NFT space. His free educational content and insightful commentary has helped launch over a hundred collections. He writes a popular Newsletter on NFTs, Letters from a Zeneca, has over 400k followers on socials, and manages two NFT communities, ZenAcademy and The 333 Club.


  • Zeneca is a recognized guru in informing, educating, and supporting those who wish to navigate the rapidly changing NFT world. 

  • He teaches do’s and don’ts in this world, promotes digital art and helps new artists overcome difficulties.

  • He has been adamantly analyzing NFT collections, following trends, and has built strategies to pinpoint which collections are bound to fail, and which are setting themselves up for success. 

  • As a leader in NFT mass education, he led the movement for a fairer future in the Web3 space by creating the affordable ZenAcademy educational platform.

  • His podcast appearances, Twitter posts, newsletter posts have helped many people find their place on Web3


  • ZenAcademy presents a welcoming space for anyone, anywhere, at any level to learn about NFTs and Web3.

  • Fostering a strong community built around shared learning and collaboration, the platform emphasizes a grounded and critical approach to Web3.

  • The platform encourages users to avoid the hype and prioritize understanding the underlying technology and its implications.


  • Zenmate aims to support promising artists, support their work, help them earn money and find fans in the NFT space.

  • ZenDaily is a daily newsletter with short news to keep you up to date with the current NFT agenda.

  • 30 Days of NFTs is a free 30-day beginner course delivered via email. Its goal is to help everyone go from zero to a decent understanding of space.