Yieldstreet is a leading investment platform focused on generating passive income streams while working towards portfolio diversification. It grants individual investors access to alternative investments opportunities across numerous asset classes like art, real estate, legal, and finance traditionally reserved for institutions. The firm offers a full suite of products within a broad range of asset classes with various yields, durations, and minimums.


Multi-Asset Class Fund

Accreditation not required - $1,000 minimum

With a single investment, investors can build a fixed-income portfolio, spread across multiple asset classes selected by Yieldstreet.

Individual Offerings

Accreditation required - $10,000 minimum

Invest in a curated list of open offerings across multiple alternative asset classes with varying yields and terms.

Short Term Notes

Accreditation required - $1,000 minimum

Invest in 3 or 6-month offerings with interest rates typically higher than money markets and most CDs.