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WealthPress is a financial research and education company that provides trading and investing tactics to grow, preserve and protect your wealth. WealthPress helps all levels of traders become a better and more successful version of themselves. The company offers several services—each designed for different trading objectives, including equity growth, risk management, and income. WealthPress also offers a number of paid subscription plans, which provide subscribers with access to additional features and benefits. In a new era of financial chaos, the company cuts through the distractions and delivers actionable intel. To bridge this gap, the company trading professionals are dedicated to providing educational services backed by more than a century of experience, market analysis, and big data combined. WealthPress has been the subject of some controversy. In 2023, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charged WealthPress with making false and misleading earnings claims.


  • A team of trading professionals. Dedicated professionals with the belief that the opportunity for financial literacy and freedom belongs to all people.

  • WealthPress educates. Provides an array of educational investment services and products that will help you navigate the markets and become a better investor.

  • Believes in radical transparency. Reveals current trends and lucrative hidden angles, putting Main Street back on the map.

  • Offers the best tools. Offers weekly stock picks, webinars, courses, VIP trading, and masterclasses.

WealthPress offers a number of products and services to its subscribers, including:

  • Daily market commentary and analysis

  • Investment research reports

  • Educational webinars and workshops

  • Access to a trading community


  • The FTC alleged that WealthPress's marketing materials promised subscribers that they could make large profits by following the company's investment advice, but that these claims were not supported by evidence.

  • WealthPress settled the FTC's complaint by agreeing to pay $1.7 million in refunds to consumers and to stop making certain earnings claims.

  • Despite the FTC's settlement, WealthPress continues to operate and to market its products and services to investors

  • It is important to note that the FTC's settlement does not mean that WealthPress is a scam.