Wealth Matters Consulting

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Wealth Matters Consulting is a full-service consultancy that provides specialized wealth management marketing, branding, public relations and communications services for firms in the wealth industry. Delivering targeted marketed programs aimed at particular segments of the UHNW/HNW space, the firm helps you establish direct lines of communication with your prospective clients using a unique blend of traditional media, content publication, industry networks and public relations. The firm focuses on establishing a brand and firm identity, then uses niche communication channels to create visibility and brand awareness via thought-leadership, leading to engagement and attention from referral sources and clients. Wealth Matters helps firms find their voice and create custom collateral to connect with their target audience. The firm specializes in wealth, social media, branding, marketing strategies, next gen marketing, and social media best practices.

  • Wealth Matters creates holistic solutions addressing the basics of your brand identity, including  visual and visceral elements and marketing collateral pieces.

  • The firm works with you to create insightful content, featuring your expertise and view point.

  • The firm also executes a custom communication strategy designed to reach your prospects, current clients, and centers of influence.

  • The firm provides you with a marketing and public relations department for less than it costs to hire one employee.

Wealth Matters Consulting offers:

  1. Brand Identity

  • Brand voice and imagery

  • Corporate identity package

  • Marketing collateral

  1. Marketing Channels

  • Web

  • Social media

  • Traditional media

  • Industry conference

  • Industry membership & sponsorship

  1. Events

  • Education

  • Connecting peers

  • Public speaking

  1. Firm Communication

  • External firm updates

  • Internal employee communications

  • Thought leadership

  1. Press Outreach

  • Press pitches

  • Relationship building

  • Proactive steady outreach

  1. Marketing Plan

  • Cohesive campaigns

  • Captured thinking

  • Top-level reflection