Founding Date

VON GREYERZ AG, formerly Matterhorn Asset Management, is a global authority in wealth preservation through private gold and silver ownership. The firm is dedicated exclusively to providing the highest level of advisory and risk protection assistance regarding the acquisition, sale, trading, storage, transportation and insurance of only the highest quality silver and gold. VON GREYERZ AG specializes in wealth management and wealth preservation for high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutions with particular emphasis on gold and silver bullion, stored safely outside the banking system. They offer access to the world’s most secure and private gold vault, located in the Swiss Alps.


  • Von Greyerz AG provides highly personalized advisory services for each unique client as a key driver.

  • The firm offers superior precious metals expertise, wealth preservation focus, security solutions, purchase/sale capabilities and client-servicing focus.


  • Direct Ownership. 

VON GREYERZ provides complete client confidentiality, open access to auditing of assets, the highest-grade encryption protection of client data, and unsurpassed privacy guarantees.

  • World's Safest Vault. 

The company offers 3 fully-insured vaulting facilities, 2 of which are Swiss-based, with a third in Singapore. Additional global vault location options including Dubai, the United States, New Zealand, etc.

  • Jurisdiction Safety. 

Political and economic stability are key jurisdictional considerations for the storage of precious metals.

  • Global Transport. 

The company arranges every logistical detail of the secure and fully-insured transportation of client precious metals from-and-to their vault locations for clients anywhere in the world.

  • Fully-Insured Metals. 

All client metals are insured against physical loss or physical damage, including physical loss resulting from third party thefts, infidelity of employees or from mysterious disappearance. 

  • In-House Buying & Selling Advantages. 

Client acquisition and sale of precious metals is executed through their own trading desk. 

  • Metals of Highest Fineness. 

Investment grade, LBMA-certified gold and silver bars of the highest fineness, fully insured. Metals available in all bar sizes/formats (including coins).