Asset Classes

Collectible Precious Metal Coin

Plural Name
Collectible Coins
Parent Asset Class

Collectible Previous Metal Coins are currency in the form of coins that are either made from precions metals

  • Collectible coins are usually made from gold, silver or platinum
  • Value of the coin is measured in two parts:
    • The value of the amount of precious metal in the coin (bullion value)
    • The value attributed to rarity or condition (numismatic value
    • Example:
  • Grey Sheets is a pricing server dealers can use to measure the value of coins
  • You can send your coins to a professional rating service to get each one rated
    • PCGS Processional Coin Grading Services is an example
    • Rates help determine how valuable a coin is
    • coins can be rated on a large scale:  ungradable --> Min Standard