Founding Date

VettaFi is a provider of indexing, data and analytics, industry leading conferences, and digital distribution services to ETF issuers and fund managers. VettaFi is the gateway to bring data-led solutions to your firm, practice, or business. VettaFi cultivates an industry leading data-driven ETF platform, built to empower and educate the modern financial advisor and institutional investor. The platform provides a comprehensive suite of global indices through its index factory, robust ETF services including ETF trends and analytics, a global ETF database, and digital distribution.


  • VettaFi is a one-stop research for everything an asset manager needs to build a successful, differentiated business.

  • The platform offers asset managers an array of indexing and digital distribution solutions to innovate and scale their businesses.

  • It operates the ETFdb, Advisor Perspectives, and ETF Trends websites and the LOGICLY portfolio analytics platform—engaging millions of investors annually.


  • Indexing. 

VettaFi offers expert analysts research, design, and development indexes. The platform performs daily calculation and index management.

  • Data & Analytics. 

VettaFi's powerful data and analytics platform helps you connect with the right investor to accelerate product growth.

  • Digital Distribution. 

VettaFi has digital marketing capabilities across the funnel. Customize your media mix to meet your specific objectives.


  • Investment News. 

Stay up to date on the finance sector, ETF trends, and advisory best practices. 

VettaFi's web-based tools are your go-to resources for all ETF research, data analytics, and portfolio management.

  • Events. 

Meet and learn from top experts in financial planning, investing, wealth management, and financial technology.