Founding Date

Tressis is an independent, close and open private bank that helps people achieve their goals from a financial point of view. Since 2000, the bank has helped clients with independent, expert advice and personalized financial planning. Tressis Gestión SGIIC is a management company that aims to offer the best service and add value to their clients' investments. The company is a specialist in free investment fund management and traditional management.


  • +8,000 satisfied customers

  • +6, 800M € client assets

  • +84% of our clients are highly satisfied with their financial advisor

  • +23 years of experience

  • 15 offices in Spain

  • +200 employees


  • Experience. With extensive experience in the financial sector, Tressis offers experts and specialists that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Transparency. They are committed to being totally transparent in their management, providing you with detailed information on the evolution of your investments.

  • Independence. Your satisfaction is their goal, and being able to decide freely will make it possible.

  • Specialization. Focused on financial planning and asset management, they seek to add tax efficiency to profitability optimization and risk control in all your investments.

  • Technology. Their capabilities allow them to offer you one of the best financial websites on the market for monitoring your investments.

  • Flexibility. Because life changes and your personal circumstances vary, their job is to offer you the best solutions at every moment of your life.


  • Tressis Gestión SGIIC is a management company for collective investment institutions, supervised by the CNMV and registered under number 223.

  • The firm aims to be one of the first independent managers in Spain, as well as a reference in the market for the management of collective investment institutions.

  • Their team of managers has more than 20 years of experience applying the best practices of traditional management, incorporating the flexibility of trading and alternative management techniques.