The Market Chartist

Founding Date

The Market Chartist provides daily dynamic audio-visual technical analysis, combined with written commentary and key support/resistance levels to an institutional, professional and retail client base. Since 2012, the service has established a strong global, institutional client base. The Market Chartist delivers 20 daily reports including European, UK and US Bonds & Equity Index Futures, G10 currencies, Brent Crude Oil, Gold, Silver and LME Base Metals. Their clients include global investment banks, institutional brokers, research boutiques, hedge funds, high net worth individuals, plus professional traders and investors.


  • Market Chartist reports publishes ten reports on ten different markets every 24 hours, for the five trading days.

  • Three reports on Asia/ Pacific Forex are published late afternoon UK/ European time, plus 7 reports very early morning, 06:00-07:00 UK time.

  • Their reports involve the production of market commentary from a fundamental, macroeconomic and charting perspective, as well as the creation of content in the broader sphere of financial services.

  • The content can be provided in the form of written copy, videos, infographics and webinars, to be delivered via various channels.