Tari Labs

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Tari is an open-source, decentralized protocol that reinvents the future of digital assets. The platform allows anyone to program complex rules for digital assets and trust that they will be enforced. It enables the management, use, and transfer of nearly any kind of digital asset—from tickets to loyalty points to virtual goods and more—and offers unparalleled monetization opportunities for creators.

Built for Creators

By using combinations of templates to create custom rulesets quickly and easily, creators will be able to unlock a new world of business possibilities, while delivering stunningly beautiful user experiences.

Highly Useful
High performance, easy to integrate with, stable, well documented, open-source, secure, and private by default.

Freedom Enhancing
The Tari community fundamentally believes that privacy-enhancing software should be pervasive and available to all.

Community Driven
A broad spectrum of brilliant creators, builders, advocates, and philosophers works towards a single goal: to build the most useful decentralized platform that empowers anyone to create digitally scarce things people love.