Sunrise Capital Partners

Sunrise Capital Partners is a pioneering alternative asset management firm with more than 40 years of experience investing across a range of opportunities. Running a host of proprietary quantitative investment strategies, Sunrise also makes a variety of investments across the traditional and alternative investment spectrums. Applying nearly four decades of investing experience to markets around the globe, Sunrise builds investment solutions designed to provide compelling risk-adjusted returns and downside protection in times of market crisis.

  • Founded in 1980, Sunrise offers a range of tactical macro investment programs for individual and institutional investors alike. 

  • Sunrise has been a pioneering alternative asset management firm for over 40 years and now operates as a multi-family office.

  • Sunrise specializes in asset management strategies, investments, and risk management.

Sunrise Capital Partners Global and Community Outreach

  • Helps provide meaningful job training for America's best heroes through Code Platoon

  • Supports the cleanup of our oceans through The Ocean Cleanup

  • Helps create pathways to capital for entrepreneurs around the world through Kiva

  • Helps make life’s most basic necessity more broadly available

  • Supports the education of investors and alternative investment professionals through USALTs