Siepe is an innovative provider of financial data management and IT solutions dedicated to helping asset managers navigate the challenges of today's investing landscape. Through its intuitive managed platform, firms are able to integrate institutional best practices across technology, services and operational processes. Siepe’s modular technology and flexible, well-formed data solutions help with complex decision making and workflow management, aiming to deliver a single source of truth of strategic, actionable insights. Siepe's intuitive managed platform enables you to leverage data as an asset, creating order from disparate data sources, mitigating operational risk through investment transparency and optimizing efficiency through process visualization.

  • Siepe's cloud-based solutions suite offers flexible front, middle and back-office components that can stand alone or integrate with other systems. 

  • The firm has demonstrated success across the investment management industry, assisting emerging managers to more complex, mature hedge funds.

  • The firm helps in reducing operational risks, enhancing workflow processes, and driving competitive advantages.

  • Siepe offers robust security and business continuity, with a high touch, "client first" approach.

  • Siepe also offers creative problem solving strategies to address unique client challenges.