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Sema4 is a patient-centered health intelligence company dedicated to advancing healthcare through data-driven insights. Sema4 today has established the largest, most comprehensive, and fastest growing integrated genomic & clinical data platform. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Sema4 transforms healthcare to multidimensional, longitudinal clinical and genomic data to build dynamic models of human health and defining optimal, individualized health trajectories. Its product provides advanced genomic testing and merges big data analytics with clinical diagnostics, enabling physicians and consumers to engage in the digital universe of data from genome test results and clinical records to wearable sensor metrics. The company provides Centrellis, an AI-driven health intelligence platform that delivers comprehensive insights to biopharma to accelerate the drug discovery, development, and commercialization life-cycle, as well as analytics for actionable insights, pre-clinical and clinical trial support, and advanced sequencing services.


  • 1,200+ Employees & 160+ PhD’s

  • Stamford, CT: HQ + Lab, Branford, CT: Lab, New York, NY: Office

  • 12M de-identified clinical records, >500K with genomic profiles

  • Generating and managing 46+ petabytes of data per month

  • Accessioning >250K+ Next Generation Sequencing tests annually


  • Sema4’s database includes more than 10 million patient genomic profiles and de-identified clinical records.

  • Sema4 enables enhanced decision-making by physicians and patients so that they are able to benefit from scientific advances sooner.

  • It accelerates the development and scaling of innovative platforms to enable health systems to deliver precision medicine as the standard of care.

  • The Sema4 team includes world leaders in data science, machine learning, network modeling, and genomics.

  • The company has solutions in Biopharma, Oncology, Women's Health, Research, and Test Catalog & Resources.