Founding Date

RULEMATCH is the premier interbank trading and settlement venue for cryptocurrencies and digital assets, enabling spot trading for banks, securities firms and their institutional clients. A market operator for spot trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum versus, RULEMATCH uses Nasdaq’s pre-trade risk, trading, and market surveillance technology to provide additional transparency and resilience for institutional participants. The platform aims to provide firms with the institutional feel they are accustomed to, including an anonymous central-limit-order book with 30 microseconds execution times as well as integrated post-trade settlement with multilateral clearing. Accelerating digital asset trading, RULEMATCH is building a trading solution that is tailored exclusively to the needs of financial institutions.


  • RULEMATCH leverages Nasdaq’s pre-trade risk assessment, trading execution, and market surveillance. 

  • Alongside Flow Traders, RULEMATCH is supported by a select group of Swiss and international investors including Consensys Mesh, a company of Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, and FiveT Fintech, formerly known as Avaloq Ventures.

  • The firm is also backed by Metaco, a provider of institutional grade custody grade tech, and Kaiko, a leading provider of data for market reference prices.


  • Participants. RULEMATCH trading venue is open to banks and securities firms from Switzerland and equivalently regulated countries.  Participants may offer sponsored access to qualifying financial institutions.

  • Market Integrity. The platform acts exclusively as a market operator that brings together the buying and selling interest of its participants followed by clearing and settlement amongst them.

  • Trading Overview. RULEMATCH offers spot trading of the following pairs: BTC/USD and ETH/USD.

  • AML/CFT Compliance. All participants, transactions, and digital assets are subject to stringent controls regarding money laundering, sanctions evasion and terrorist financing.

  • Integrated Settlement. Multilateral net settlement among participants ensures capital efficiency and minimizes settlement risks.

  • Liquidity. Competitive and consistent liquidity is provided through designated market makers.

  • Ultra-low Latency. Built with Nasdaq matching engine technology, participants can trade on the central limit order books (CLOB) of RULEMATCH with consistent execution latency down to 30 microseconds, bringing unparalleled speed to the asset class.