Nevin Freeman

Nevin Freeman

Formal First Name

Nevin Freeman is the Co-founder and CEO of Reserve, a digital currency with stable, real-world value that helps scale prosperity by enabling users to protect and use their money globally. In his roles, Nevin is responsible for overseeing the strategy, legal, and team coordination at Reserve. He is a successful serial entrepreneur who has co-founded three companies, including Paradigm Academy, MetaMed Research and RIABiz. Previously, he worked efficiently in setting up the start-up's website in line with the direction he was given. Nevin aims to solve coordination problems that are stopping humanity from achieving its potential. He is concerned about averting the long-term risks posed by the development of artificial intelligence.

Professional Experience


  • Reserve provides a secure product that is completely stable, by avoiding a complete peg to any single fiat currency.

  • Reserve helps people cope with hyperinflation, targeting those in countries suffering from massive inflation.

  • A stable, decentralized and inflation-resistant world reserve currency not pegged to any one fiat currency.


  • The Reserve application is designed to help people living in hyperinflationary economies protect their savings from devaluation.

  • The Reserve app automatically assigns deposit and withdrawal requests to an Independent Liquidity Provider (ILP).


  • He was the CTO of a news website, CIO of a medical research startup, and co-founder of a startup incubator.

  • At RIABiz, he wrote the full-stack publishing platform on top of Google App Engine.

  • He dabbled in journalism by providing a technology lens on the RIA industry.