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Reorg has essentially changed the way legal and financial professionals access complex business information. A global provider of credit intelligence, data and analytics, the firm aims to be the best-in-class provider of complex and opaque business information delivered in a clear, actionable way. Reorg is a provider of real-time news, commentary and analysis on issues affecting the distressed debt, event-driven and leveraged finance markets. The firm’s editorial team combines reporting with legal and financial analysis to give a holistic view of topical situations through its proprietary platform. The firm helps investment banks, asset managers, leading hedge funds, financial advisors, and law firms so they can make better business, advisory, and investment decisions.

  • Reorg gives independent, insightful and timely market intelligence and analysis to their subscribers for them to make better business and investment decisions.

  • The firm aims to empower subscribers to discover and synthesize the information that matters through the combination of passionate experts and innovative technology.

  • Reorg specializes in distressed debt, covenants analysis, high yield, EMEA debt intel, Asia financial analysis, America's debt data, chapter 11, bankruptcy , M&A, and activism.

  • Reorg’s platform is powered by natural language and machine learning processing applications.


  • 5,000+ Covered Companies

  • 45,100+ Intelligence Articles

  • 1,600+ Breaking News Alerts

  • 150+ Podcasts & Webinars

  • 3,700+ Proprietary Tear Sheets & Other Analyses