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Quill Intelligence is a macro finance research firm with a lean into Fed and monetary policy. This boutique research firm is grounded in the principles of the #ResearchRevolution. It employs a deep, broad unconventional thinking to find patterns in vast amounts of data which elucidate predictive thought-leading market intelligence to institutional investors. Quill predicts global macroeconomic trends and their impact on global growth, interest rates, equity markets, real estate, and commodities. Quill’s broad based analytics provides historical context for current market conditions and future outlook.

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Quill Intelligence


  • Quill brings both Wall Street and Federal Reserve experience with a vast network of connections across the finance industry.

  • It is a tech-enabled economic intelligence firm producing high caliber research for today's leaders in economics and finance.

  • The firm offers their retail-oriented Daily Feather and their full institutional suite of offerings via QI Pro.