Quant Insight

Founding Date

Quant Insight is founded to tackle the problem of "right view, wrong trade." It allows users to see how various assets have reacted to macro forces such as rising real rates. QI also allows users to start with a macro assumption such as "real rates are going to rise" and then see which assets have historically performed well under that environment. Quant Insight can be used to figure out if individual stocks are driven by macro factors or not, and if so which macro factors those are.


Web Platform

The web-based platform gives you access to the full range of Qi’s macro analytics. Users can rapidly find what they need as well as benefit from push notifications and alerts.

Qi Risk

QI Risk provides a map of the underlying macro characteristics, providing transparency on fundamental exposures at individual security and portfolio level.

Thematic Equity Basket

Customize your view with single or multi-factor themes and filter through equities by names and/or sectors. Further, filter for additional liquidity and diversification constraints.

Qi Labs

Qi Labs produces regular and relevant White Papers and serves as a development center for customized models and research into additional factors.


The Rest API connects your applications to real-time quant macro analytics that seamlessly integrates with your systems.