OverShare Advice and Planning

Founding Date

OverShare Advice and Planning is a wealth management firm built as a financial planning company to deliver comprehensive and documented Advanced Financial Planning. They believe 99% of financial advisors of all types are providing almost exactly the same services; more energy is required today to move Client Families forward in a meaningful way. OverShare aims to help you find an individualized path to delivering on your commitments, turn your plans into action and tackle challenges along the way.

  • OverShare Advice and Planning aims to help build your financial plan to encompass all areas of your financial life along with building an asset allocation strategy and implementation of your investment accounts.

  • They value the knowledge gained through education, designations and certifications to learn strategies used in your financial planning recommendations.

OverShare Advice and Planning's Areas of Focus

  • Cash Flow and Saving

  • Tax Planning Strategies

  • Debt Management

  • Risk Management

  • Financial Independence

  • Investment Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Organization

  • Education Planning