Online Trading Academy

Founding Date

Online Trading Academy is an educational institution offering investing and trading classes for professional traders. Founded in 1997 as a trading floor in the U.S. West Coast, it has become the world leader in professional education for investors and traders looking to build life-changing skills to take on the financial markets. Additionally, as a Certified B Corporation, OTA makes it a priority for their network of employees, friends, and family to benefit from their work. Their innovative teaching solutions from trading and investing in stocks, options, futures and real estate help drive students to learn how to use their wealth to their advantage and prepare themselves for the years’ to come. Today, Online Trading Academy has over 26,000 graduates who have attended live classes at 35 worldwide campuses including both corporate and franchise locations.

  • Online Trading Academy offers online classes allowing their students to review class materials using their computer as a virtual desktop, irrespective of physical location.

  • Training is also provided through the nationally syndicated Power Trading Radio, available DVDs, free downloads of trading information and video mini-courses which can be viewed online.

  • OTA’s classes cover a wide spectrum of trading styles and asset classes – short term trading, swing trading, position trading, and investment theory for stocks, exchange traded funds, options, futures, and currencies.

  • They have a team of over 140 instructors worldwide servicing over 40 physical centers, every employee is dedicated to making a positive difference in the world by delivering high-quality education and supporting a vibrant learning community.