Neptune Global

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Neptune Global is an international precious metals dealer and exchange operator that serves investors and financial professionals worldwide. NGBX has differentiated itself as a developer and market maker of innovative physical bullion investment products, including the Neptune Vault Accounts® and patented PMC Ounce®. The firm’s platform of investment bullion includes all forms of traditional physical precious metals in conjunction with innovative physical precious metal investment assets which provide unparalleled diversification, transparency and liquidity.



The Precious Metals Composite Index is a fixed-weight index composed of the four primary precious metals and expressed as an ounce. 

  • Vault Accounts. 

The easiest and most cost efficient way to invest in physical precious metals. This turn-key program includes the Gold Vault Account, Silver Vault Account and patented PMC Ounce – Precious Metals Composite.

Gold bullion is a real, tangible asset, and throughout history, has been an ideal store of value and an excellent hedge against inflation, deflation and political uncertainty. 

Neptune Global offers silver bullion in three convenient forms for investors: Coins from the world’s leading mints; Bars from globally recognized refineries; and Silver Vault Account – turn key and liquid gold bullion investment vehicle.

Platinum is a widely-used although extremely rare metal, critically important to the auto industry, the jewelry trade, and the chemical, electrical and glass manufacturing industries. Far rarer than gold, it is estimated that all of the platinum ever mined throughout history would fit into a cube less than 25 feet on each side.

Neptune Global offers investors two ways to establish, hold and trade a position in palladium. Due to palladium having not been fabricated into the many convenient forms gold and silver have, the PMC Ounce is an especially attractive way to possess a diversified physical precious metals portfolio that contains palladium.

You can secure your IRA or 401K by including tangible investment assets like precious metals. Diversifying your portfolio with time tested investments like gold and silver is actually a very simple process.