Mariposa Capital Management

Mariposa Capital Management is a boutique investment advisory firm designed for individuals and families who seek a more careful way to invest. The firm advises clients throughout the United States using institutional-level strategies based on the latest research and evidence. Compensation is wholly earned through fees paid directly and transparently by clients.


Investment Policy Statement

Mariposa's Investment Policy Statement outlines the strategies based on your goals, financial situation, and risk preferences. 

Concentrated Wealth Management

Mariposa develops the strategy for your liquid portfolio after considering concentrated holdings, such as real estate, private businesses, restricted stock, and deferred compensation.

Tax Efficient Investing

Mariposa considers the after-tax, true economic value of your accounts, not just the raw dollar amount. It implements tax-related investment strategies, such as after-tax asset allocation, asset location, Roth IRA conversions, and tax-loss harvesting.

Ongoing Portfolio Management

Portfolio management services include investment selection, trading, rebalancing, and ongoing monitoring. Whether you need to invest a lump sum or withdraw a dependable income, Mariposa can recommend a strategy that’s appropriate for you.

Performance Reporting

In addition to reports from your custodian, Mariposa provides consolidated performance reports and analysis of your accounts, providing you with a clear view of your whole portfolio.