Maple Finance

Founding Date

Maple Finance is an institutional crypto-capital network built on Ethereum and Solana. Powered by blockchain technology, Maple aims to redefine capital markets through digital assets, providing collateralized lending for institutional borrowers and fixed income opportunities for lenders. The platform provides a capital efficient option for institutional borrowing and fixed income lending in decentralized finance, and expands the digital economy through corporate credit creation. Maple utilizes a “peer-to-pool” design that offers investors access to a diversified, high-yielding pool of corporate and institutional loans, allowing leading crypto corporations to borrow capital efficiently including funds, market makers, exchanges, and crypto miners.


  • Maple offers Borrowers transparent, capital-efficient financing

  • For Lenders, Maple offers a sustainable and reliable yield source through lending to diversified pools of crypto’s premium institutions. 

  • Loans are managed and underwritten by sophisticated teams of credit analysts called Pool Delegates, who assess credit-worthiness and set Loan terms with Borrowers.