Mackenzie Investments

Mackenzie Investments is an investment management firm that provides investment advisory services to retail and institutional clients. It delivers expertise through mutual funds, ETFs, alternative investments, Private Wealth Pools, and managed solutions. Mackenzie’s legacy is characterized by innovation and thought leadership, driven by expertise in asset management that creates financial success for investors.


Mackenzie Charitable Giving Program

The Mackenzie Charitable Giving Program enables investors to make regular giving a part of their overall financial plan.

Tax & Estate Planning

Tax and estate planning are essential to meeting your financial goals. Mackenzie Investments understands that effective tax and estate planning are integral parts of the financial planning process.

Private Wealth Counsel

Mackenzie Private Wealth Counsel is dedicated to providing a deeply personalized wealth Counseling service to households with $500,000 and more in investable assets.

Private Wealth Solutions

Affluent investors have unique needs that require exclusive service. Mackenzie Investments is committed to providing superior products and solutions that meet those needs.


Mackenzie offers an extensive range of account options to help you maximize your savings and reach your long-term investment goals.

Additional Services

Mackenzie is committed to providing dedicated and ongoing support through a variety of unique and innovative services to help meet your long-term investment goals.