Life + Liberty Indexes

Life + Liberty Indexes is a sponsor of the Freedom 100 Emerging Markets ETF, a first-of-its-kind freedom-weighted emerging markets equity index strategy that uses personal and economic freedom metrics as primary factors in its investment process. The firm serves investors who believe in the long-term benefits of freedom to be able to express those preferences in their emerging markets allocations.



Quantitative personal and economic freedom metrics are primary allocation drivers in the firm's investment process.

Top-down approach

Because governments are best positioned to protect freedom, freedom metrics are most effectively captured on the country level.

Comprehensive freedom metrics

Freedoms are interconnected. Civil, political, and economic freedoms work together and should be measured as a composite.

Ex-state-owned enterprises

State-owned enterprises are less efficient than private companies, even in freer markets.

Freedom makes better markets

Freer markets grow more sustainably, experience faster recovery, and use their labor and capital more efficiently.