Land Geek Enterprises

Founding Date

Land Geek Enterprises specializes in teaching people how to invest in raw, underdeveloped land as a means of generating passive income. Land Geek Enterprises was founded by Mark Podolsky, also known as "The Land Geek", widely considered as the country's most trusted and foremost authority on real estate investing within the United States. Podolsky and the coaching team are successful land investors, land investing coaches and committed to helping you break out of solo-economic dependency. Through various programs, podcasts, books, and online resources, Land Geek Enterprises provides education and training on the process of buying and selling land for profit.


  • Land Geek Enterprises offers a range of products and services aimed at helping individuals learn the ins and outs of land investing, including training programs, coaching, and community support. 

  • They often emphasize the potential for passive income and financial freedom that land investing can offer.

  • Their approach focuses on automation and scalability, allowing investors to build a portfolio of land assets with relatively low time and effort investment.


  • Investor's Toolkit. 

Everything you need to build a solid foundation to get your land business up and running, all wrapped up in one DIY course.

  • Flight School. 

A 16-week program with the time-tested, proven, and guaranteed recipe for setting up the systems you need to run a profitable land business.

  • Coaching. 

Implement faster, drive growth, avoid costly mistakes and maximize profits with personalized coaching.