Laffer Tengler Investments

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Laffer Tengler Investments takes a strategic, data-driven approach to managing client assets. The firm is committed to crafting a strategy for clients that manage their objectives, risk tolerance, and time frame. It focuses on minimizing costs by directly managing core equity strategies and using ETFs and low-cost funds for non-core holdings. LTI also offers a sophisticated proprietary risk management process that dynamically reduces equity exposure during dramatic downturns.


Concentrated Equity Strategy

This strategy is a low-turnover, high conviction, deeply concentrated portfolio that holds the 12 best idea positions from the Equity Growth and Equity Income strategies. 

Convertible Strategy

This strategy is a bottom-up, value-driven discipline that utilizes convertible bonds and convertible preferred stocks to seek out opportunities for maximizing total return.

Dividend Growth Strategy

This strategy uses fundamental stock evaluation to provide a high level of current dividend yield as well as ongoing price appreciation.  

Dynamic U.S. Inflation Strategy

This strategy uses both macroeconomic and financial data to create investment portfolios that will outperform inflation over time

Equity Growth Strategy

This strategy is a portfolio of large-cap U.S. stocks with a primary focus on growth through high-quality, attractively valued stocks.

Equity Income Strategy

This portfolio uses fundamental analysis to evaluate and select stocks with attractive dividend yield, growth, and the potential for capital appreciation.

Fixed Income Strategy

This strategy utilizes ETFs to build diversified portfolios of fixed income investments

Global Equity Strategy

This strategy uses quantitative analysis of economic data and various indicators to build a portfolio to take advantage of broad macroeconomic investment opportunities