Julex Capital Management

Julex Capital Management is an investment management firm dedicated to creating innovative solutions in the areas of tactical asset allocation, downside risk management and quantitative investing. Operating as an investment manager as well as a research provider, Julex aims to help investors reach their financial goals by delivering superior performance at a reasonable cost through a systematic and repeatable investment process. The firm offers a variety of tactical/risk-managed total return strategies that are designed to deliver consistent returns with low volatility and drawdowns in both bull and bear markets using its unique adaptive investment approach. In addition, Julex provides quantitative equity strategies aiming to deliver significant excess returns with concentrated portfolios.

Julex Capital's Services/Products

  1. Tactical ETF Strategies

  • Dynamic Sector

  • Dynamic Income

  • Dynamic Multi-Asset

  • Dynamic Developed Market

  • Dynamic Real Estate

  1. Quantitative Equity Strategies

  • TrueAlpha™ Large Cap

  • TrueAlpha™ ESG

  • TrueAlpha™ Small Cap

  1. Equity Income Strategies

  1.  Portfolio Solutions

  • Dynamic Aggressive

  • Dynamic Moderate

  • Dynamic Conservative

  • Dynamic Defensive