JCI Capital

JCI Capital supports clients in asset management, investment banking and capital markets, identifying market dynamics through disciplined management of financial instruments and tailor-made advisory services for businesses and investors. The ability of internal analysis enables the firm to formulate a comprehensive overview of the market, ranging from macroeconomic thematic to more specific ones identified by the manager or requested by the customer.


Wealth management

JCI manages the portfolios of professional and institutional clients through customized investing.

Financial advisory

JCI supports professional clients in each of the phases of the investment process, from the generation to the execution of ideas.

Investment solutions

JCI offers a multi-asset strategy, which allows for diversified, dynamic investment while keeping the level of risk under control.


Debt Advisory & DCM

JCI assists clients in the search for potential investors and guarantees direct access to major foreign institutional investors.

Equity Capital Markets

JCI operates with over 300 counterparts on the primary and secondary markets in major equity and fixed income instruments.