Jain Family Institute

Founding Date

The Jain Family Institute is an applied research organization accelerating the real-world implementation of new policy ideas. It addresses critical social problems by identifying and implementing high-impact interventions that will translate to real world progress. Its work sits at the intersection of economics, politics, academia, information technology, finance, and culture to bring promising ideas from theory to practice. It builds proofs of concept, pilots, and actionable knowledge.

Guaranteed Income

JFI builds pilots, designs policy, and conducts research on guaranteed income alongside international partners in government, philanthropy, and academia.

Digital Ethics and Governance

JFI conducts research, supports education, and develops governance systems relative to the use of artificial intelligence at all levels.

Higher Education Finance

JFI focuses on designing financing for the labor and education markets, with expertise in income-contingent financing capital structuring, program design, and underwriting.

New Initiatives

JFI constantly assesses potential projects.