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InvestAnswers is a popular guide to financial freedom, real estate, cryptocurrency, stocks, derivatives, options and other tools to get to your financial destination. In this channel, you can find exceptional content on daily market reviews, projects deep dives, and technical analysis tools and strategies. Since its inception in 2020, InvestAnswers has become a global community of investors that pursue well-researched, data-driven processes, high conviction opportunities, and disruptive technology.



  • IA Layer In, Layer Out (LILO) 

Receive support in establishing positions and profit taking, considering factors like volatility, trend analysis, recent market behavior, and more.

  • IA DCA on Steroids (DCAs) 

A first-of-its-kind, mathematically proven model to optimize your Dollar Cost Average strategy by timing market buys and loads based on numerous maths models.

Your all-in-one tool for Bitcoin trading plus on-chain analytic suite. It analyzes 12+ metrics, such as on-chain and other fundamentals, to help identify Bitcoin market tops and bottoms.

Designed to help you visualize Solana's price in comparison to several of their price prediction models. It allows you to optimally allocate Solana as well as profit take and help you get accustomed to pair trading.


For traders who want to engage with the markets but are unable to monitor chars continuously, it helps identify the macro trading range of an asset.

  • IA Pair Trading on Steroids (PTOs) 

Designed for both non-option and option traders, it helps you hedge your portfolio with inversely correlated assets, reduce risk and amplify profits.

  • IA Suite 

Bundle of all InvestAnswers' TradingView indicators, including IADSS.

  • IADSS 

InvestAnswers Decision Support System is designed to aid active traders in identifying buy and sell signals that confirm their trade decisions.

  • IA Arb Cloud 

A model designed to help traders identify arbitrage opportunities for co-integrated assets.

Designed for traders who invest in global economic patterns, it utilizes more than a dozen macro indicators to create a composite score.