Founding Date

iden3 is an ambitious, open-source project which enables a new blockchain-based model and identity platform over the public blockchain. A trailblazing, self-sovereign privacy protocol, iden3 provides decentralized architecture, privacy for the user data, scalability on public blockchain, usability improveness, and transparency. The platform is a next-generation private access control based on self-sovereign identity, designed for decentralized and trust-minimized environments. It also features the iden3 identity wallet application, an open reference for end-users to receive trusted claims and generate zkProofs for private access. It also allows direct communication with another identity.


  • Censorship-resistant Infrastructure: Features high degree of decentralization and a security profile.

  • Battle-tested Cryptography: Utilizes zk-SNARK, allowing any computational condition to be represented by an arithmetic circuit.

  • Practical Standards: A novel proof-query language that allows simple configuration of the type of identity claims required for private verification.

  • Versatility of Applications

    • Decentralised trust models / web-of-trust

    • Decentralised ID verification / proof-of-personhood

    • Decentralised voting systems

    • Interaction with DeFi / dApps / Web3

    • Decentralised payment identifiers

    • Private access control

    • Authentication and authorisation

    • Signing documents and private messaging

    • Supply chain and IoT

    • NFT ownership