Grit Capital

Founding Date

Grit Capital is a financial media company democratizing access to institutional-quality market insights for the masses. Led by Genevieve Roch-Decter, a former +$100M portfolio manager, she has built a massive community of smart, fun and edgy investors around the other 99%, with +213,000 newsletter subscribers, including the #1 FREE finance newsletter on Substack globally, and a following which totals +600,000 investors around the world.


  • Grit is the #1 FREE finance newsletter on Subtract globally, and #4 PAID finance newsletter on subtrack globally

  • The platform is built by a former $100MM money manager, who realized that only the top 1% get the best insights and deal flow access

  • The platform aims to democratize investing knowledge but also democratize deal access

  • Be part of over 600,000 investors across the Grit platform (newsletter +social media)