Global Blockchain Business Council

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The Global Blockchain Business Council is the largest leading industry association for the blockchain technology and digital assets community. GBBC brings together the world's leading businesses and business leaders to highlight the latest innovations and advances in blockchain technology. The organization fosters collaboration and advances dialogue to create more secure, equitable, and functional societies. They maximize the benefits of blockchain to ensure data integrity and create records, transactions, and systems that are secure, transparent, and more resilient against manipulation and corruption. Today, GBBC is focusing on digital infrastructure and the digital economy, on global standards and regulation and on sustainable and resilient systems.


  • GBCC is the leading trade association for the blockchain technology ecosystem, which brings together innovative organizations and thought leaders from over 40 countries. 

  • GBBC is dedicated to furthering the adoption of blockchain technology through engaging regulators, business leaders, and global changemakers on how to harness this groundbreaking tool.

  • The organization has more than 500 institutional members, and 301 Ambassadors across 117 jurisdictions and disciplines.


  • InterWork Alliance (IWA). 

Empowers organizations to adopt and use token-powered services in their day-to-day operations, across use cases and networks, bringing inclusivity to globally distributed applications.

  • BITA Standards Council (BITA). 

GBBC's global transportation and commerce initiative, consisting of global companies with a shared vision to leverage blockchain to define and grow open-source supply chain standards.

Highlights and catalogs use cases, provides education to policymakers, builds relationships with regulators, and proactively partnerships to meaningfully grow the blockchain sector across the U.S.

Dedicated to galvanizing support amongst the blockchain and digital asset community to empower underserved communities globally to mitigate the widening digital divide and democratize access to opportunity.

An open access online journal written and edited by lawyers, that is designed to help business and non-legal communities better understand the world of blockchain and digital assets.

The global voice for those in the financial services sector using blockchain technology