FS Investments

Founding Date

FS Investments is a global alternative asset manager dedicated to delivering superior performance and innovative investment and capital solutions. A pioneer in the democratization of alternative investments, FS Investments provides access to a broad suite of alternative asset classes and strategies through our best-in-class investment teams and partners. The firm has a diversified platform and flexible capital solutions that brings access to a broad suite of alternative asset classes and strategies, including private equity, credit, real assets and multi-asset investments.


  • FS Investments provides access to alternative sources of income and growth, and focuses on setting industry standards for investor protection, education and transparency.

  • The firm manages over $79 billion in assets for a wide range of clients, including institutional investors, financial professionals and individual investors

  • In 2023, FS Investments combined with Portfolio Advisors, a firm that has provided tailored private markets investment solutions to its institutional clients, specializing in the middle market.  


FS Investments manages a variety of alternative investment strategies across different asset classes, including private credit, real estate, and alternative equity

  • Business Development Companies (BDCs). 

The firm is known for its expertise in managing BDCs. Investors in BDCs can benefit from potential income generation through dividends as well as capital appreciation.

The firm offers private credit strategies that involve lending to companies that may not have access to traditional bank financing

The firm provides opportunities for investors to allocate capital to real estate through various investment vehicles such as real estate investment trusts (REITs) and private real estate funds. 

The firm offers structured credit products that involve investing in securitized assets such as collateralized loan obligations (CLOs) and asset-backed securities (ABS). 

  • Mutual Funds and Interval Funds. 

FS Investments manages a range of mutual funds and interval funds that provide access to their alternative investment strategies.