Fluence Labs

Founding Date

Fluence provides an open-source, permissionless, decentralized platform and a development toolkit for building, hosting, and running peer-to-peer applications and protocols. Designed to enable the freedom of digital innovation, the company executes applications without a single coordination center, eliminating potential failure and censorship. Fluence is powered by a peer-to-peer composition protocol and the new Aquamarine programming language, which radically simplifies the building of applications, unleashing the global developer community to build more integrated ecosystems. Fluence connects computing devices into the network running managed database services and generalized backends, all the while using a cryptographic token as a digital payment system.


  • Fluence is designed to be the open source, community-managed, and self-sustaining protocol.

  • Fluence offers marketplace dynamics, higher reliability, and flexibility and scale.

  • The company is a developer of peer-to-peer software without reliance on proprietary cloud services.

  • Fluence development stack helps build Web3 apps faster, with higher security and composability.

  • It provides an open Web3 protocol, framework and tooling to develop and host applications, interfaces and backends on permissionless peer-to-peer networks.


  • Programmable network requests

  • Distributed applications from composition without centralization

  • Communication, access and transactional security as first class citizens

  • Extensibility through adapter/wrapper services

  • Efficiencies and improved time to market arising from the reuse of deployed services and significantly reduced devops requirements