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EquityCompass Investment Management is a Baltimore-based equity investment management team that provides portfolio strategies to institutional clients. The firm offers a broad range of portfolio strategies based on its research-driven, rules-based investment process, which merges traditional investment theory with quantitative techniques. The firm provides equity investment management, portfolio strategies, and investment research services to high net worth families, individual family members, and trusts. EquityCompass is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stifel


  • EquityCompass aims to provide investment solutions that address the needs of clients accumulating, protecting, and accumulating wealth.

  • The firm constructs investment models tailored to various risk tolerances and investment objectives. 

  • The firm utilizes a multi-strategy approach, which involves investing across various asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and alternative investments


  • The firm incorporates fundamental, technical, and behavioral insights evolving from original research by EquityCompass professionals.

  • Portfolios are designed to maximise expected returns by focusing on stock selection while incorporating rigorous risk management strategies.

  • The investment team collaborates to leverage ideas, research, and expertise in making investment decisions on all strategies.