Eagle's View Capital Management

Eagle's View Capital Management is an investment management firm that seeks to capitalize on market inefficiencies often overlooked by most traditional hedge fund investment vehicles. Regarded as a thought leader and early mover in non-mainstream, non-correlated hedge fund investing, the firm strives to invest in hedge fund strategies and managers that demonstrate positive expectancy and have an identifiable edge. The firm also manages a number of absolute return strategies which are structured as commingled fund of funds or customized separate accounts. Eagle’s View has historically focused on investing predominantly in “niche-oriented” hedge fund strategies that seek to exploit an “edge” or a structural inefficiency in the marketplace and which show little or no correlation to mainstream asset classes such as equities, fixed income, or commodities markets.


  • Seeks to find a series of highly diversified positive expectancy investments, with a heavy overlay of risk management, due diligence and diversification.

  • Historically, the firm has invested in strategies such as electricity arbitrage, capitalizing upon inefficiencies in shipping derivatives, algorithmic pattern recognition, big data/machine learning, quantitative global macro, and various other non-correlated ‘niche’ strategies.