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CryptoEQ™ seeks to empower traders and investors with first-class technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis. With impartial, objective, and transparent research, you will gain all the market insights you need to fine-tune your cryptocurrency investing and trading strategies and successfully manage your exposure across a range of digital assets. CryptoEQ supports decentralization and blockchain technologies and looks forward to a decentralized future.


Real-Time Market Summary For Traders

CryptoEQ gives access to a real-time market summary, signals, and trading dashboard. With the combined power of proprietary algorithms and community, the company provides you with the market insights you need to trade smarter. 

Independent Research For Investors

CryptoEQ reviews hundreds of different factors, metrics, and parameters across ten CORE Categories for evaluating value, potential, and risk for crypto assets.

Personalized 1-To-1 Consulting

CryptoEQ's consulting packages are curated presentations that are tailored to your specific needs and interests. All packages are a personal, 1-to-1 experience directly with the CryptoEQ Co-Founders.