Crusoe Energy

Founding Date

Crusoe Energy provides oil and gas companies with a fast, low cost and simple solution to natural gas flaring, by delivering innovative solutions to eliminate flaring of natural gas and reducing the cost of cloud computing. The company is passionate to help the oil industry operate more efficiently, achieve better relationships with communities and regulators, and improve environmental performance. The company uses natural gas from energy operations to power data centers and cryptocurrency mining operations. Crusoe repurposes otherwise wasted energy to fuel the growing demand for computational power in the expanding digital economy. As the energy industry works to address infrastructure constraints and increasing environmental standards around flaring and emissions, Crusoe is here to help.

Crusoe currently has flare mitigation projects operating in:

  • Wyoming’s Powder River Basin oilfield

  • Colorado’s Denver-Julesburg oilfield

  • North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken oilfield


Crusoe Energy Values

  • Cultivate an Idea Meritocracy

  • Think like a Mountaineer

  • Relentless Commitment to Resource Efficiency

  • Tap into the Collective Genius

  • Be and Become Your Best Self