Cougar Global Investments

Cougar Global Investments is a macro-driven investment strategist that primarily focuses on downside risk management. It applies a dynamic top-down global macro-oriented asset allocation process and conducts ongoing macroeconomic and asset class analysis, reviewing the asset mix for each mandate monthly and rebalancing as required. A tactical asset allocator, Cougar Global has been 97% equities or 100% fixed income and money market.


  1. Research, analyze, and model the probabilities that the consensus attaches to each scenario (rational beliefs).
  2. Establish the firm's own probabilities for each scenario, based on its own research, obtained from independent macroeconomic, capital market, and geopolitical research services.
  3. Generate probability distributions for the returns of each asset class over the next year. The data is then bootstrapped and then weighted according to Cougar Global’s Multiple Economic Scenario Analysis. This provides Cougar Global with a measure for how these asset classes would behave under the forecast scenarios.