Contrarian Capital Management

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Contrarian Capital Management is an investment firm focused on identifying the best risk/reward opportunities in distressed assets in the United States, Western Europe, and Emerging Markets. It focuses on capital protection by conducting comprehensive fundamental analysis, applying conservative valuation metrics, diversifying its portfolios among the most compelling global distressed opportunities, and strict avoidance of leverage.



A global portfolio seeking equity-like returns with the protection rights of a debt holder. It actively invests in off-the-run opportunities that have strong asset coverage, barriers to entry, and trade at significant discounts to similar publicly traded instruments.

Emerging Markets

A portfolio with an opportunistic global mandate targeting both capital appreciation and yield capture. It seeks to limit downside risk by conducting thorough analysis of cash flows, asset values, and sources of repayment

Real Estate

This strategy strives to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns, with limited use of leverage, by identifying inefficiently priced, real estate equity and debt investment opportunities spanning all U.S. property sectors.