Founding Date

CoinFLEX is the leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and yield platform designed to trade in crypto assets and bitcoins. As the world's first physically delivered Bitcoin futures exchange, CoinFLEX is developed to provide avenues for retail investors to hedge cryptocurrency exposure with zero index or settlement manipulation risk. The company’s platform offers a comprehensive API and world-class trading tools, provided by a leading high-performance professional trading software provider. CoinFLEX also offers a sandbox testing exchange environment for new users to practice placing, executing, and canceling orders of various order types and sizes. The home of crypto yields, CoinFLEX offers innovative solutions such as flexUSD — the world’s first interest bearing stablecoin — and AMM+, the most capital–efficient automated market maker for today’s investors.


  • The exchange is dedicated to providing an easily accessible venue for users to earn and trade crypto with minimal friction.

  • CoinFLEX is backed by crypto heavyweights including Roger Ver, Mike Komaransky, Polychain Capital, and Digital Currency Group, amongst others.