Clark Capital Management Group

Clark Capital Management Group is a family and employee-owned investment management firm that provides investment strategies designed to help high net worth investors achieve their goals. It seeks meaningful diversification achieved through a bottom-up fundamental process combined with a top-down, quantitative approach. The firm’s full suite of investment strategies is designed to address investor goals: growth, income, and capital preservation.


Meaningful Diversification

Multiple global asset classes and methodologies are incorporated into a personal asset allocation policy designed to help clients align the desired risk and reward outcome with their life goals.

Personalized Risk Management

Clark Capital's personalized risk management approach aims to help clients remain committed to reaching their long-term goals even as appetite for risk change throughout market cycles.

Opportunistic Asset Allocation

Clark Capital takes a proactive approach that seeks to take advantage of growth opportunities across various global asset classes. 

Assets under management: $20.7 billion (as of September 30, 2020)