Founding Date

Cinnamon is the developer of a multi-level engagement video platform built to help content creators. Cinnamon's platform helps to produce, remix, share, monetize and distribute video across platforms, including itself, enabling artists and creators to monetize and earn revenue, and users to view content without any advertisements. The platform helps artists develop engaging and easily shareable content in a very open community-driven environment, allowing viewers to find videos from some of the world’s most imaginative and innovative creators. Cinnamon uses Coil, a Web Monetization provider leveraging Interledger, to make micropayments to content creators. With Cinnamon, you will be able to view exclusive content created with the latest monetization and human interaction technologies, granting content creators to up their game for your enjoyment.


  • Cinnamon is a game-changing new subscription-based video content platform that rewards content creators instantly and fairly.

  • The platform increases the overall impressions of your content across all social media in order to maximize the potential of your content.

  • Cinnamon's team is a balanced mix of senior engineers, serial entrepreneurs, advisors and industry experts.