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Chintai is a leading one-stop solution for modernizing capital markets. Leading businesses into the regulated digital assets frontier, the Chintai platform uses blockchain technology to enable traditional finance and innovative companies to harness the power of digital assets. Their product suite includes all features and functionalities to streamline business operations and create a competitive advantage for enterprises. The platform offers a one-stop solution for issuance, high performance secondary trading, automated compliance, cap table management, reporting, and custody.


  • Chintai revolutionizes capital markets infrastructure for asset managers, banks and enterprises.

  • The platform offers institutions and SMEs to create , issue, and tokenize traditional assets in capital markets. 

  • Their services include dynamic security token issuance, high-performance secondary trading and automated compliance infrastructure for regulated digital assets.

  • Their end-to-end solution offers traditional finance companies a one-stop platform with a robust automated compliance engine powered by our proprietary solution Sentinel-AI.


Configure a custom issuance for virtually any asset class to significantly reduce inefficiencies through the trade life cycle.

  • Secondary Marketplace. 

On-chain high performance order management with instant settlement.

  • Automated Compliance

Sentinel uses smart contracts to dynamically enforce compliance controls based on your regulatory requirements.